Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The 15 Best Cafés & Coffee Bars in the Upper East Side, New York

Flora Coffee Bar

Besides a touch of old world charm, what feature would most people say is of paramount importance when choosing a bed & breakfast (b&b)?  We maintain that location is the most important feature. 
1871 House has the good fortune to be centrally located to Upper East Side museums, excellent restaurants, chic galleries, exclusive shopping & of course Central Park. In summery, the  best NYC has to offer. So what else could anybody ask for in a neighborhood? Well, until a few years ago local artisan coffee bars were somewhat hard to come by. Fortunately, these days there are cafes to satisfy even the most fussy of coffee snobs.  Recent times have brought numerous openings of cafes and coffee bars to the 1871 House neighborhood.  The result is 1871 House guests 
now have loads of chic cafes to choose from to get their mornings off on the right foot and to get their daily java fix. It doesn't get any better this. 

So now can we finally put to bed the notion that the Upper East Side is stuffy? We're pretty sure we've seen a few hipsters lurking around Birch Coffee.  It's hard to keep up with all the new places that have arisen, and while we're sure new options will continue to open, we've put together a fairly comprehensive list.   For information about staying at 1871 House, visit our website 1871 House

Below is our list of some of the best neighborhood Cafes and Coffee Bars in the Lenox Hill area of the Upper East Side neighborhood .  We've included both old and new cafes. 

Our neighborhood's own little hipster joint is located right across Lexington Avenue on East 62nd Street.   This tiny shop serves various types of coffee products: Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, Cortado, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Cafe Au Lait, Mocha, Drop, Tea, Chai Latte, Hot Cocoa, Cold Brew.  They have various non-dairy milk options–including hemp milk. Additionally, to satisfy your sweets craving, they also feature pastries from some of New York's beloved bakers from gluten-free gems to donuts.  Birch prides itself on creating a sense of community amidst the chaos of New York City. 134.5 East 62nd Street. 

Little Collins 
Joe & the Juice

Coffee, Juice, Sandwiches & more - served mostly by male employees with sculpted arms covered in tattoos.  You may catch them flipping pitchers into the air & juggling ice cubes. Rumor has it, they all live together in a shared apartment.  Located on the corner of East 62nd Street and Lexington Avenue, Joe & the Juice has created a cozy little corner cafe furnished with comfy banquettes. It's a good thing because this spot is perfect for gazing out the windows.  801 Lexington Avenue.  

Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar

Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar

Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar has been our go to place since it opened a couple of years ago. By any standard, it is not your ordinary cafe. From the most perfect foam on their cappuccinos to the delectable little sandwiches and pastries they serve. The level of care and attention to detail weather it be the refined atmosphere, the design, the first class service or the quality of craftsmanship. As you can tell, we're big fans!

Sant Ambroeus takes it inspiration from lively coffee bars in Europe. The espresso and cappuccino bar also features warm pressed Panini and desserts, pastries and croissants. Guests can also enjoy a selection of savory Paninetti, soft home-baked rolls with a delicate crust perfumed with olive oil, and Le Foccaccine, a flaky and slightly salted interpretation of Focaccia. Afternoon and evening hours offer a menu of cocktails and wines by the glass. 61st Street between Park Avenue & Madison Avenue at the Regency Hotel (though it has it's own entrance on East 61st Street).

Sant Ambroeus Cappuccino & Pastries

Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar at Hanley New York

Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar features an assortment of coffee drinks in addition to lunch and cocktail options. The Espresso and cappuccino bar also features breakfast pastries including Italian cornetti, scones and cookies. For lunch, guests can enjoy warm pressed panini, including the Duomo with tuna, olives, celery and cherry tomatoes and a selection of paninetti—soft house-made rolls. Other savory items include salads and seasonal soups made to order. The coffee bar also serves  desserts. Each day from 5pm-9pm, the coffee bar welcomes guests for Aperitivo Hour, a traditional Italian custom, featuring an assortment of small bites with the purchase of cocktails or wine.  1136 3rd Avenue @66th Street. Mon – Fri 7:00am to 9:00pm; Sat-Sun 8:00am to 9:00pm

Café Bilboquet

Offers breakfast pastries, fancier sweets like éclairs, and ready-made panini and salads, along with coffee, tea, beer and, soon, wine in an elegantly gilded setting with plush garnet banquettes.  26 East 60th Street (between Park and Madison Avenues), no website.

Gregory's Coffee

Working with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, Gregory's roast their own coffee.  They serve an assortment of coffee products & a wide variety of snacking foods including gluten free options.  (Espresso, Macchiato, Cortado, Cappuccino, Lattes, Mocha, Americano); Juices (cold pressed grapefruit juice, cold pressed kale, spinach, apple, lemon, agave juice, cold pressed lemon, ginger, agave juice, OJ);  Swiss Oatmeal (Fat free milk, low fat vanilla yogurt, apple, oats, peanuts, banana, raisins); Gluten Free Blue Star (low fat vanilla yogurt, banana, blueberry & granola); Gluten Free Green Wonder (Low fat vanilla yogurt, apple, pomegranate juice, spinach, carrot, kale, coconut, granola, flaxseed, dates, almonds, walnuts and lemon juice) ; Peanut Pleaser (low fat vanilla yogurt, banana, peanut butter, coconut, flaxseed, granola, dates almonds, walnuts, coconut, flaxseed), bakery (banana nut pound cake, carrot pound cake, brownie, pumpkin muffin, croissant, rugelach, biscotti, donuts, scone, vegan bar, muffins, cookies); chicken salad peanut butter banana power bit, chia pudding, banana pudding. 878 Lexington Ave. 

Via Quadronno 

Coffee Bar in the tradition of Coffee Bars in Europe (similar to Sant Ambroeus) plus a full dining menu. A large selection of made to order paninis composed of one single ingredient on freshly baked bread, as open-faced sandwiches or alla Milanese with several ingredients.  Sample their delicious Lasagna Bolognese or try our personal favorite - Sferzata Di Salute - pureed mixed vegetable soup. Homemade pastries. Wine.  25 E 73rd St. 

Via Quadronno Cappuccino
Little Collins  

Counter-serve cafe prepping coffee, espresso & Australian breakfast & lunch fare in sleek environs.  They serve the perfect Flat White's along with serving great Australian inspired food.  The Brekkie (Australian for Breakfast) choices include the Smash (avocado & feta mash on toast), Pick Me Up: Sandwich with sage omelet, tabasco, tomatoes & caramelized onions, The Convict: toast with vegemite, The Big Dill (Sandwich with cured salmon sage omelet mascarone capers dill and chives, The Sweet Uncle Fred; toasted banana bread with ricotta berries, honey and almond brittle); Lunch Sandwiches - the Charcoal Chook, Haloumi gyro, Schnitzel, Salads and sweets..  667 Lexington Ave (@55th Street). 

Bel Ami Cafe

Bel Ami Cafe 

A French Bakery/Cafe serving sandwiches and salads and known for it's breads and pastries. 30 E. 68th Street

Joe Coffee

Joe Coffee  

Coffee spot offering free-trade brews, baked goods and known for their exceptional lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso .  1045 Lexington Avenue around 74th St.  
Flora Coffee 

Coffee bar service coffee, pastries, and takeaway sandwiches. The cafe is located within the Met Bruer Museum.  945 Madison Ave at 75th St

Oren's Daily Roast   

A coffee shop since 1986, Oren's has been known as NYC’s premiere coffee roaster for more than 30 years.  The shop also dedicates a whole wall filled with every sort of coffee-related merchandise you can think of, for those who want to nurture their coffee hobby.  They also sell fine and packaged teas & coffee beans. The shop is on 71st and Lexington Avenue @ 985 Lexington Avenue   

Nespresso Madison Avenue Boutique and Cafe 

The cafe serves espresso made from Nespresso's twelve "Grand Crus"  and a light menu of pastries, salads & sandwiches. This location also includes a showroom where you can purchase your own Nespresso coffee maker. 935 Madison Avenue (73rd Street).

Starbucks Coffeehouse 

(63rd/Lexington) - No list would be complete without the ubiquitous coffee chain. 

Bluestone Lane's 

While this coffee shop is a little far from 1871 House, we really didn't think our list would be complete without it.  Note that it's across the street from Central Park and close to both the MET and The Copper Hewitt Museum.   Situated in a historic 19th-century church, this coffee spot offers Australian-style espresso and a seasonal-rotating menu of healthy-orientated breakfast, lunch and small bite dishes  They also have a select wine and beer list.  stellar avocado toast.  2 East 90th St. 

Bluestone Lane

Friday, November 17, 2017

Re-creating that Breakfast at Tiffany's feeling at the 1871 House and the New Cafe at Tiffany & Co.

The 1961 movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and its main character Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, are on our minds these days due to an exciting new development. Tiffany & Co. has opened the Blue Box Cafe.  Finally, fans can have Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

And what could be better for locals or out-of-towners to first wake up, before getting breakfast, at the living embodiment of Ms. Hepburns townhouse apartment in the film. One can't help but associate 1871 House with the film Breakfast at Tiffany's for two main reasons: 1. Holly Golightly's apartment was set inside a brownstone townhouse that looks like 1871 House and 2. The actual brownstone from the movie is located just a few blocks north of 1871 House on a similarly tree lined brownstone block. And Tiffany's is located but a mere few blocks South West of 1871 House.

Fans of the iconic film can easily re-create the romantic mood of the movie by staying in one of the 7 apartments inside the 1871 House.  Like in the movie, the apartments are accessed by a curvaceous stairwell. But don't expect to find Mr. Yunioshi standing at the top of the staircase in a towel.  Guests at the 1871 House are generally properly dressed. 

In the early morning hours, after spending a cozy night at the 1871 House, hail a taxi, walk over or even hitch a ride on an elegant horse drawn carriage to Tiffany and Co. on Fifth Avenue & 57th Street and enjoy coffee and croissants at the Blue Box. Miss Golightly would clearly approve. Finally, walk a few blocks North on Lexington Avenue and visit Holly Golightly's apartment building on East 69th Street.  

All this talk about Breakfast at Tiffany's has us thinking about one of our very favorite reviews written by a prior guest. Here it is: 

1871 House Reminds me of the Movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's"If you've seen the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's," you'll recall Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) lived in a NYC walkup apartment converted from a city townhouse. Whenever I think of 1871 House, I'm reminded of the winding staircase in the movie with apartments on every floor. At one time in its storied past, 1871 House served the same purpose, except now its former apartments are elegant rooms at a quiet and cozy inn. It's very romantic for couples and quiet and secure for singles and families.In one of the nicer neighborhoods in the city, the 1871 House is convenient to all sorts of amenities, the bus & subway, shops & businesses, even Bloomingdale's, are all are a short walk away. Within one block are several restaurants and grocery stores, some of which are open 24 hours. For the best bagels, try The Bread Factory in the same block on Lexington. Traveling alone, I always felt safe, even when out walking at night.For me, staying at 1871 House is SO much better than a city hotel, no matter how upscale. You feel like you live in the city, not just passing through. The prices are competitive with 3 and 4 star hotels in NYC. I stayed at one of those "posh" hotels on Central Park South. The room was nice but so small I could barely turn around. I also stayed at a nationwide chain hotel in NYC and was unpleasantly surprised at how poorly kept the facilities were. From what I've seen in "Sex and the City," the room decor at the 1871 House rivals those in the Stanhope Fifth Avenue. True, there's no room service at the 1871 House, but then, if the city loses power, you don't have to climb 22 stories to get to your room!The innkeepers, Warren & Lia, are friendly & helpful without being intrusive. I can't imagine staying anywhere else when I visit New York. For a "Home away from Home" experience, or, if your home's like mine, a MUCH NICER Home away from Home, visit the 1871 House and stay a while! -  A guest from Alexandria, Virginia, USA

So there you have it; 1871 House, Tiffany's, a horse drawn carriage ride, a self-designed tour with stops in Central Park, Holly Golightly's house on East 69th Street and breakfast. Is there a better way to spend a late Fall day?

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Park Avenue Armory and the Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory

Why travel to the chaos of times square's theater district when you can walk steps out the door on the peaceful streets of the upper east side?

The Park Avenue Armory, the construction of which was completed in 1881, was built as a fortified base for local militia and social club.  Now, more than 140 years later, the Armory's unique space serves the Upper East Side in a completely different capacity. 

Since the year 2007, The Park Avenue Armory, a magnificent and ornate fortress-like structure, has opened its doors to support visual and performing arts.  In a 2011 article in the Arts section of the New York Times, The Armory's Ambitions Expand to Match It's Hall, Daniel J. Wakin pronounced the Armory as the most important new cultural institution in NYC.  

Because it is within walking distance to the Park Avenue Armory, 1871 House serves as a fantastic home base for  show participants and patrons.  Whether you are a show exhibitor, a performer an artist or a patron, the 1871 House's close proximity to the Armory makes it the most appealing option for lodging.  

One particular upcoming show,  an annual event, the Winter Antiques Show - January 19-28, 2018, will donate all revenue to the East Side Settlement, which sponsors programs on education and technology as gateways out of poverty and as the keys to economic opportunity, in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan community.

Park Avenue Armory

1871 House
Tucked among gorgeous townhouses and other historic buildings between Park and Lexington Avenues, 1871 House offers charming accommodations in the style of a bed & breakfast inn, a couple of blocks from The Park Avenue ArmoryCentral Park, Madison Avenue shopping and Manhattan’s finest restaurants and cafes.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

1871 House is a Convenient Home Base for NYC Marathon Participants

NYC Marathon and Running in Central Park

The close proximity of 1871 House to Central Park is one of the many reasons so many of our guests come back to 1871 House year after year. Being so near to Central Park allows guests staying with us to easily take advantage of the many activities and events that take place in the Park. For example the NYC Marathon takes place every November.  Over the years, we've had many NYC Marathon runners choose to stay with us because we are so close to the finish line.   But it's not just NYC Marathon Runners who enjoy how close to the Park our NYC B&B is. Many guests are simply avid runners. These guests can take advantage of the close proximity of the Manhattan Accommodations we provide. We see many of our guests heading to the Park early in the morning with their running shoes on and heading over toward Central Park. Central Park is a runner's paradise and is literally just two blocks from 1871 House.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Late-Night Upper East Side Restaurants

It's 9 p.m. and you've just concluded your last meeting of the day.  Or perhaps you've been traveling all day and you have finally arrived in NYC.  You are famished and way too tired to search for a place to eat.  Where to go? Thankfully, we've done the research for you and found these Upper East Side NYC Restaurants which are open late. 

NEARBY RESTAURANTS OPEN LATE -Upper East Side -Lenox Hill Neighborhood

133 E. 61st Street

Call (646) 707-0801
Open Daily until 11:00pm, Closed Sundays

Grass-fed beef plus pasta & empanadas are served with Argentine wines in a snug spot.

Upper East Cafe (UEC)

1048 3rd Avenue
(917) 475-1721

Open Daily 8 a.m. until midnight 

Café, Restaurant and Bar in the heart of Manhattan's UES. A place of original and colorful creations with a young vibe to match.

Cafe Americano

964 Lexington Avenue Between 70 and 71 Street
Call (646) 870-9007
Open Daily 8:00a - 11:30p

Has a menu that runs the gamut from grass fed double cheeseburger with crispy shallots and onion jam to a macro bowl filled with grains and veggies.

The Bar Room
117 E. 60th Street 

Call (212) 561-5523
Open Sun & Mon until 11:00pm
Tues-Sat until 1:00am

A stylish & sophisticated American bistro serving imaginative fare, craft beers & classic cocktails.

 Lilli and Loo 
792 Lexington Ave
Call (212) 421-7800
Open Daily until 10:30pm

They serve an array of Pan-Asian eats, plus gluten-free options!

Blu On Park
116 E. 60th Street

Call (646) 893-0160
Open Daily until 10:30pm

Set in a brownstone, this sophisticated steakhouse also offers seafood, caviar & cocktails.

 Patsy's Pizzeria
206 E. 60th St
Call (212) 688-9707
Open Sun-Thurs til 10:00
Fri & Sat til 11:30

Authentic NYC Brick Oven Pizza!

Tony's di Napoli
1080 3rd Avenue

Call (212) 888-6333
Open Sun-Thurs til 11:00pm
Fri & Sat til midnight

A bustling eatery serving big, shareable portions of Italian comfort food to the masses.

Farinella Italian Pizza & Panini
788 Lexington Avenue 

Call (212) 256-1872
Open every day until 10:00pm

Pint-sized authentic Italian Pizza Parlor- they even do a traditional Roman-style 4 foot long pizza (aka a Palam), in addition to ordinary pizza, piping hot calzones, and panini.

Serendipity 3
225 East 60th Street

Call (212) 838-3531
Open Sun-Thurs til midnight
Fri & Sat til 1:00am

Famous for their frozen hot chocolates, but they also serve up an extensive array of proper food.

Sel et Poivre
853 Lexington Ave

Call (212) 517-5780
Open Sun-Thurs til 10:30
Fri & Sat til 11

Comfortably elegant French cuisine.

Fig & Olive
808 Lexington Avenue (btw 62nd and 63rd Street)
Call (212) 207-4555
Open Sun-Tues until 10:00pm
Wed-Sat until 10:30pm

Their simple yet extensive menu is centered around local seasonal and imported Mediterranean food.

791 Lexington Avenue (btw 61st and 62nd Street)

Call (212) 935-1433
Open Mon-Sat until 10:30pm
Sunday until 11

August is a charming respite amid the hustle of the Upper East Side, serving up eclectic takes on classic comfort food.

Tavern 62
135 East 62nd Street (btw Park and Lexington)

Call (212) 988-9021
Open Mon-Sat til 10:00pm
Sunday until 9:00pm

A modern and gorgeously classy American tavern run by renowned chef David Burke. On the pricey side, but well worth every penny.

800 Lexington Avenue (btw 62nd and 61st)
(212) 888-7898
Open Sun-Thurs until 11:00pm
Fri & Sat until 11:30pm

A tiny, informal spot where you'll find a menu stocked with traditional Japanese elements like yellow tail, eel, snapper, and scallop sushi.

795 Lexington Avenue (btw 62nd and 61st)
Call (212) 355-0888
Open Mon-Sat unti  10:00pm
Sunday until 11:00pm

Another great spot for sushi, with a more contemporary and upscale interior than Ginza. 

Maison Hugo
132 East 61st Street (btw Park and Lexington Ave)

Call (212) 832-0500
Open Mon-Sat until 11:00pm
Sunday until 9:00pm

Run by Chef Florian Hugo and his wife,  Maison Hugo is a modern French brasserie that specializes in both traditional and modern French dishes to satisfy diners seeking comfort foods as well as those seeking a more refined dining experience. 

804 Lexington Avenue (corner 62nd Street)
Call (212) 838-3580
Open Mon-Sat until 9:15pm
Sunday until 7:45 pm

The very appropriately named Burger Heaven opened its doors nearly 70 years ago! A staple of the UES for juicy, classic burgers.

Donohue's Steakhouse 
845 Lexington Avenue
Call (212) 744-0938
Open Mon-Sat til 10:30
Sunday til 9:30

Open since 1950! A homey institution for steaks & other straightforward classics in vintage, dark-wood quarters.

Eat Here Now
839 Lexington Ave
(212) 751-0724

Open Sun-Fri until 10:00pm
Saturday until 8:00pm

A classic diner that serves up an extensive array of staple dishes.

As a last resort - there is always Smiley's - our corner market open 24/7!

802 Lexington Avenue (corner 62nd Street and Lexington Avenue)
The corner store closest to both our building and our heart, Smiley's has everything you'd need from a corner store: a large selection of fresh flowers, beer, coffee, deli, a grill for quick n' easy sandwiches, organic snacks,  groceries and your morning paper. One of our Office Assistants was willing to go on the record saying, "those guys know their way around a bacon egg and cheese."

Bed-and-Breakfast-style and quaintness in the heart of New York City

1871 House, a Charming Upper East Side New York Style Bed & Breakfast consisting of seven generously sized apartment-style suites housed in a classic 19th-century brownstone on an inviting, tree-lined residential street near Central Park, shopping and museums.